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My name is GuruNischan (and, Yes! that is actually my given, birth name!)
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We live in a tech-filled, stress-induced world, that often feels restrictive, confining and demanding from every direction.  Taking personal responsibility for how we feel everyday, and actively practicing tools to tune-in, turn-on, and stay connected to your power-source is essential in our modern day world!

Living Illuminated is about consciously choosing to be Turned On in the midst of challenge and pressure.


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Illuminated Ideas

A weekly blog packed with bright ideas and rays of light to help you live your most luminous life.

DeFrag Yo’Self!

Are You an Awakened Human Beings? Are you feeling a new levels of yourself and the world around you and don't exactly know what to do with it? Sensory system awakening is happening all over the planet. Many people don't know what to call it, but essentially it means...

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Soothing Your Seething Temper

Seething with unexpressed anger. Boiling under the skin with smoldering conversations echoing shallowly as a ringing in the ears. It takes over the fibrous sheaths of every human fiber, contracting into fear and a deep scarcity of our own self-sovereignty. It...

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How To Instantly Relieve Stress in 9 Minutes Daily!

How to Instantly relieve stress in 9 Minutes or Less We live in a culture that values our productivity. Stress is somehow a badge of honor to prove that we are 'Making things happen in our life". We are consciously and unconsciously wired to produce results through...

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GuruNischan is electrifying and persuasive.  Her content, confidence, and charisma are always spot on

Pastor Chris Harris Sr May 14, 2018


Thanks for making it all the way down here! You know what that tells me? That you’re committed to being your own light. And because of that, you’ve got a radiant future ahead of you! I’D LOVE TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU.