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My name is GuruNischan (and, Yes! that is actually my given, birth name!)
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We live in a tech-filled, stress-induced world, that often feels restrictive, confining and demanding from every direction.  Taking personal responsibility for how we feel everyday, and actively practicing tools to tune-in, turn-on, and stay connected to your power-source is essential in our modern day world!

Living Illuminated is about consciously choosing to be Turned On in the midst of challenge and pressure.

I will show you how to trust your inner guidance system, more than the noises of the demanding world around you.

I will teach you to interpret the pains in your body as wisdom pointing you in new directions of awareness.

A Word From GuruNischan

Illuminated Ideas

A weekly blog packed with bright ideas and rays of light to help you live your most luminous life.

Clearing the Air

We all get stuffed up. Congested. Clogged. Held captive by the unexpressed desires and needs of our souls longing. We use our ego to strive for external social ideals, when deep inside we want more. We crave. We want. We yearn for connection. We get bogged down by...

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Going Numb

One of the ways we unconsciously manage pain and fear in our lives is by going numb. We turn off our feeling mechanisms and just start to numb out. We numb out noises, scents, memories, and moment by moment experiences where we feel less of everyone and everything! We...

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Strengthen Your Immune System

Practice this breath to strengthen your immune system and to cleanse the glands behind the throat! By stretching your tongue out, you are stimulating the vagus nerve, which adjusts the para-sympathetic nervous system of your body. It is one of the most important...

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Chakra Series Praise

If you are ready to make a change in your life, to do the inner work that only you can do for yourself, take this series.

Sarah Monroe Chakra Series November 13, 2015


Thanks for making it all the way down here! You know what that tells me? That you’re committed to being your own light. And because of that, you’ve got a radiant future ahead of you! I’D LOVE TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU.

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