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My name is GuruNischan (and, Yes! that is actually my given, birth name!)
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We live in a tech-filled, stress-induced world, that often feels restrictive, confining and demanding from every direction.  Taking personal responsibility for how we feel everyday, and actively practicing tools to tune-in, turn-on, and stay connected to your power-source is essential in our modern day world!

Living Illuminated is about consciously choosing to be Turned On in the midst of challenge and pressure.


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Illuminated Ideas

A weekly blog packed with bright ideas and rays of light to help you live your most luminous life.

Four Tips for Handling the Internal Heaviness

Oooooh! Is it a time of transformation or whaaaaaat?????? Are you feeling it?   I know I am! Cracking open through my rib cage is an experience of feeling myself, my innocence, my beauty, my longing, my desire, my love, my uninterrupted power for the first...

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Relaxing the Jaw

Tension can build up in the jaw and create all sorts of pains in the neck, face, and mouth. Often, this 'build-up' can be caused by years of unexpressed emotions, or words that have been left unsaid, unfelt, and un-communicated. In our fast paced busy lifestyle, it is...

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The Only Way Out is THROUGH…

The Only Way Out is Through! Have you ever wondered WTF that means anyhow? I mean come on....really? Can't we just think positive thoughts and be fine?! Of course we have to go through this stuff. Although it may be tempting to want to bypass the heavy burdens of...

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Chakra Series Praise

If you are ready to make a change in your life, to do the inner work that only you can do for yourself, take this series.

Sarah Monroe Chakra Series November 13, 2015


Thanks for making it all the way down here! You know what that tells me? That you’re committed to being your own light. And because of that, you’ve got a radiant future ahead of you! I’D LOVE TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU.