Self-Animosity is poison of the inner world.  It feeds on the parts of us that we don’t accept about ourselves.  It eats away at our self-confirmed continuity and consistency.  Just when we feel steady, alive, centered, connected, it can pull us off our square.  It is cancer at the deepest level of our self-worth!

Why do we torture ourselves?  Where do these deep seeded beliefs come from? and how deeply rooted are they?

Well, most of ’em came soon after we were born into these bodies!  In fact, most of our programming relating to belonging, self-worth, and self-esteem ALL stem from our pre-verbal years; what we witnessed, heard, saw, felt, tasted, smelled, experienced, but didn’t yet have words or meaning to comprehend or make sense of any of it.  

During our adult years, we are often unconsciously creating experiences that are confirming these early programming years, to fulfill our self-proclaimed (even if they are unconscious thoughts) ideas about ourselves, our lives, our worth, our future, our past, our body, our health, our capacity, our fill in the blank with your personal story here…

Self-animosity stems from deep-seeded abuses that we have personalized and made our own.  In times of shift, heightened times of transformational changes, as well as increased pressure from external sources, these deep seeds of self-hatred can surface and reap havoc on our psyche and our everyday lives.   

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday practice addresses self animosity and helps to free blocked creativity so that we can be free to express our most audacious ideas and selves!