Fracking the Frustration

Fracking the Frustration

There is a lot to be angry about. There is a lot to fight against. It is a pressure-filled world that is exhaustive and out of hand. There is no light at the end of tunnel if you are looking with your physical eyes only.

Things don’t make sense. There is so much uncertainty in our economic and political world. It is so easy to be spun into fear mode. We can get stuck here. Or we can choose something different. We can feel into our frustration and harness it.

We can remember that we always have the ability to turn inward. We can cultivate our capacity to manage the external stress and pressure and use it for our own good. We can allow our feelings to be felt and release them with an outlet of expression that rewires our circuits, de-frags our system and prepares us for the uncertainty of the world we face. As we strengthen our inner connection, we ignite a force that ripples into the collective unconscious, and DOES create change in humanity. Start with you. Start in some small way today.

Today’s practice helps to break up frustration and anger inside the body and mind. The use of the sound activates the navel point and anchors you into your center of power. The pounding of the hands stimulates the whole nervous system. This is a very simple, yet powerful practice to excavate and clear out old debris living in your physiology and your psyche!

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