Playing and Replenishing

Playing and Replenishing

Magic Moments in Marseille

It’s an amalgamation of many cultures. The constant buzzing of languages, multitude of ways, and worship all colliding into the streets of a very, very old town on a port. The cobblestone streets make me smile. The clear blue sky and daily shining sun brings warmth to my heart. I swim in the sea by the old fort. The water is crisp, clear, and very salty. I float easily. In and out of my body at the same time. Weightless. Formless. Free. Fantastic!

I am sharing with you today a way to balance your own brain circuitry, so that your wiring is clear and connected. Remember to ask yourself repeatedly as you bring attention to your breath on a regular basis:

What am I plugged into?
What is draining my energy circuits?
What energizes my circuitry?
What internal program is old and outdated and waiting for an upgrade?

Only we can unlock this place with ourselves. Everyday we make choices that either dive us into our own depths, or keep us wading in the shallow end of our own existence.

Let’s do today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday video together now!