Rocking and Rooting

Rocking and Rooting

Live from Marseille, France

“It’s a gift to be simple, it’s a gift to be free. It’s a gift to come down where we ought to be. And when we find ourselves in a place just right. We will be in the valley of love and delight.”

Simple Gifts Lyrics

Joseph Brackett (1797-1882)

Ah the deliciousness of life, of friendship, of experiencing the world in all of its full glory and adventure. To travel, to connect, to discover new places and streets of future memories. It is a gift to be received by a freshly made bed in a new city all by myself.


Grateful am I for the loud roaring of solitude. Oh the sweet sound!
Hustling and bustling streets until wee hours of the morning. I’m staying right across from a main city center of the old port. Magifiscence abound!

Effortless opportunities to discover the wonders that are before me each day for the asking! Gifts from the Universe to unwrap and delight in with each movement of my breath. Beyond are the tales of heart-felt connections, learning opportunities, future works being co-created and possibilities being illuminated with each unfolding moment.

Presence to my day is my offering.
No force.
No judgement.
Just availability to the sensations of me and all that is before me.

It seems to be a pass, through of a thin layer of my entire central nervous system, witnessing my own growth and efforts in each area or data bank of storied memory. Me witnessing my own process through photographic memory of interconnected visions, leading me to this place of stillness, and ultimate unfoldment.

Life happens and I am provided for. It’s just how it happens and our reactions to it that creates the real chaos. It is so simple, yet we must dig deeply into our stored wounds of the first and second chakra as a way to lighten our own load. We must strengthen our third chakra, so we have the internal will power to navigate the heavy, density of our own Soul level, inner work.

It’s hard work discovering, feeling and moving through old fears, resentments, pride, anger, embarrassment, shame, and the like. It often seems to be stuck to us like glue. Old residues showing themselves over and over again in our lives in new ways. Opportunities to witness, reflect, release and grow. Lessons repeated. Memories waded through. Experiences pondered. Whirlwinds of what, why, who, where, why, when and whats.

The better question is How.

How can I become who I am here to be?
How must I transform to see this with your eyes?
How shall my gifts be offered each day for the benefit and highest possibility of all with whom I touch?

“When will it end?”  Some may ask.  It doesn’t.
Our capacity to navigate it gets better.  Our ability to see beyond the constraints of just the physical dimension heightens.

It is through navigation of these dark places that we will most discover and unfold our brightest light and capacity. We become living examples of magic. We are each mini-universes with un-potentiated power waiting for our own highest fulfillment, unfoldment, and experiences to live fully.

What are you plugged into?

What’s draining your circuits?

What program in you is old and outdated and waiting for an upgrade?

Only we can unlock this place with ourselves. Everyday we make choices that either dive us into our own depths, or keep us wading in the shallow end of our own existence.[Let’s do today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday video together now!