Going Numb

Going Numb

One of the ways we unconsciously manage pain and fear in our lives is by going numb. We turn off our feeling mechanisms and just start to numb out. We numb out noises, scents, memories, and moment by moment experiences where we feel less of everyone and everything! We may go through the motions, smile when necessary, but we feel less and less of each motion.

This is very much an unconscious process and a self-preserving body response to (perceived) everyday life threats to our well being. The way we handle the exorbitant amounts of pain and fear that are permeating our frequency waves, is to shut off our sensory system, so as to not feel it. We notice less. We pay less attention.

However, we still have to deal with the impact in aging and other health related effects. Most of us haven’t been taught how to strengthen these systems within us. When we do certain breath exercises, we can awaken our sensory system and begin to eliminate, rather than numb out to the weighted impact of external environmental and societal forces.

Today’s practice is a simple four part breath that will reduce stress instantly and eliminate overwhelm. When done longer than five minutes, it will support the awakening of the sensory system, so that you can begin to feel your electrical power.

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