How To Instantly Relieve Stress in 9 Minutes Daily!

How To Instantly Relieve Stress in 9 Minutes Daily!

How to Instantly relieve stress in 9 Minutes or Less

We live in a culture that values our productivity. Stress is somehow a badge of honor to prove that we are ‘Making things happen in our life”.

We are consciously and unconsciously wired to produce results through daily activities that are helping us achieve our long and short term goals. If we find ourselves sleeping too much, resting too much, not having the energy to move about our day, we tend to judge ourselves; the internal narrative often being, “What is wrong with me?”

We amp ourselves up with stimulants of soda, coffee, energy drinks, green tea, and other concoctions that can give us the energy to get through our days, weeks, months and plain ol’ life.

As you have heard me say many times,

this is the masculine force (positive mind-left brain/right side of body) moving through us.

That part of us that is going, going, going and values ourselves only based on how much we do, give, impact, achieve, and create in the world around us. Although this is a symptom of serious imbalance in most of our psyches, physical bodies and our nervous system as a whole, there are times when we can’t stop, can’t rest, can’t rearrange our life in a way that allows us the down time that are body-mind systems are commanding (and desperately craving).



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Changing the nature of the intensity of our daily lives is often a long and conscious effort of rewiring our view of ourselves, our possibility and our long term perspective of what is actually important, what actually gives us a deep and long lasting sense of meaning. (Hint* no matter how much money you make, it does not cultivate happiness…this my friends is an inside job…one that requires internal attention).

If we face the reality of our life as it is in this moment, we are not always afforded the luxury of being able to take the time necessary to ask the deeper level questions that can often, change the scope and projection of our every day life choices. Sometimes we just have to acknowledge that our lives are crazy, we are pulled in 20 different directions, and therefore, we need practices that can help to harness the stress of our life to work in our favor.

Is this possible?

Yes! You are an electrical circuit. You are designed to handle high volumes of intensity and pressure. (This doesn’t mean you should let yourself get to burn out). You are designed for excessive wattage to flow through you…IF you are constantly training your nervous system to handle the external power surges that show up in our crazy, everyday lives.

You have the capacity to to get stress working FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

Today I want to share a 9 minute practice that can help to harness stress and cultivate it into power and energy to move through your day. This video is only going to be available for FREE for a week or so, before it gets put into my Personal Practice Portal (aka The TemPPPle). So be sure to check it out and let me know how it works for you!

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday breath practice is a power daily practice that you can do in 9 minutes that is sure to support you through the chaos and commotion of our busy lives.  Let me know how it works for you by making a comment below!


Thanks for Tuning-in to YOU today!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Generate Energy While Breathing {Boost your Energy with this Breathing Exercise}

Generate Energy While Breathing {Boost your Energy with this Breathing Exercise}

Generate Energy While Breathing {Boost your Energy with this Breathing Exercise}

There is magic in feeling the pressure of life…and remaining completely still to hear the messages of the whirling wind whipping through my hair…

It doesn’t always feel magical though

Sometimes it feels like my limbs are dismembering from my body, or like I am burning up on multiple layers of myself only to be reassembled and glued back together. Having to learn how to learn again. Learning to walk again step by step. Reacquainting with myself in a new and most intimate way that feels soft, supple and fresh like the smell of a baby.

How are you feeling on your life journey?

Are you holding yourself together over there? Are you shooting rockets of desire into space and blossoming in full glory??? Or still waiting on that? 
How are you handling the pressure of your life and of this global landscape that is encoded with fear and deprivation from all angles?

It’s not an easy time on the planet, and I am here to tell you that it is not likely going to get easier any time soon…

So what are you doing to handle it all? How are you strengthening your caliber and capacity to stand strong and fierce, and yet still let down your armor to face the world with grace and a smile?

Add to that, all the chaotic mess that your untrained mind throws at you, real life situations and circumstances that bang us around in the world of our relationships, business, work life and health challenges!…I have no doubt you have a full plate of stuff that you are combing your way through, or wrestling with, depending on how you approach the currency of your life’s unfolding.

Let me remind you that…

YOU are nothing short of pure power. YOU are designed for this! You are designed to handle high velocity of electrical power, both positive and negative currents running through you at high speed! All you have to do is cultivate your ability to handle it. AND…root yourself into your grounding current, and stretch into the Source current so that you are a complete circuit. THIS is how electricity works. THIS is how you work.

Not by denying your feelings
Not by whisking away your overwhelm with spiritual by-passing
Not by wishing it all better through positive thoughts
Not by repeating the same patterns over and over again, convincing yourself that you are actually improving because you have more awareness of it all.


We must be doing daily practices that influence and rewire the nervous system’s stored memory databank of programming. You must be accessing your electrical circuitry if you want to illuminate to your fullest capacity!

We must silence the mind and cultivate inner space.

We must move beyond mindfulness lip service and re-appropriating addictions from ‘unconscious’ practices, to ‘conscious’ practices, yet still, still, still, not going within to realize that YOU are all that you need to heal, cleanse, release, rewire, and rise. YOU have the answers.

The magic is in you. The fundamentals are your breath, body, mind and psyche. The access lives in the network of your nerve channels. The way is inward. Stop the endless reaching, grasping, hoping and wishing.

Go inside. Sit with yourself. Do the work. Love on yourself. And work that sh*t out. There is nothing to go do but listen more acutely. I’m here with you every step of the way. Let me know how I can be of service in your process.

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday breath practice is a fast alternate nostril breath that is sure to cleanse, detox, clear and connect you to the primal wisdom that generates energy from within your vessel.

Start living your fullest expression of the power that lives inside of YOU!

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