Cleansing and Resetting Ourselves

Cleansing and Resetting Ourselves

It’s been a glorious week of summertime in the city here in Chicago.

Out of the darkness comes the light, and the elements, fire, air, earth, water and ether. The new moon last Wednesday opening us to new possibilities of our soul’s expansion, and a chance to upgrade into a new way of operating.

The summer solstice coming this Thursday brings us to a fullness of illumination, the sun is at its zenith point, a time to allow your human solar panels to be recharged, rejuvenated and electrified to refuel your reserves, and make adjustments, gain clarity and refocus on your year’s intentions and unfolding. Listen. Listen deeply in your quiet center.

It’s time to magnetize your soul’s longings and desires. We are being recoded and upgraded to new levels of awareness and heightened sensitivity. It’s a powerful time of transition and transformation. Allow the forces that are moving through you to unravel and burn you up. This is the epicenter of transformation. Increasing your elemental capacity.


It’s time. You are that powerful. Even when you don’t feel like.

The depths of surrender offers us a chance to be reset. Stop fighting it. Feel the support that is all around you, for you, loving you. You are held. You are worthy just as you are.

Today I share with you a cleansing breath practice that incorporates a special mudra (hand positioning), and a silent mantra (sound current) as well as the breath practice itself. We are working with our ability to feel and experience the divine in everything. That we are the divine and we are in everything. As we experience this, really vibrate the cosmos and all of creation through our cellular being, we merge with the infinite and release our attachments, judgements, and strongholds of our physical dimension reality.

We are cleansing our body, mind, and soul. Enjoy!

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Revitalize the Nervous System

Revitalize the Nervous System

Our Faith is called upon at times of overwhelm.

The unsurmountable pain, anguish and despair that is ravishing the minds and hearts of people all over the planet can be felt like a thick fog of gloom. The external pressure is increasing. Fear, uncertainty and disconnection ping in every direction like poking needles prodding delicate skin.

How are you handling the pressure?

Caroline Myss explains faith as “the power to stand up to the madness and chaos of the physical world while holding the position that nothing external has any authority over what heaven has in mind for you.”

And so we are called on to strengthen our faith. We are being called on to strengthen our capacity to handle more pressure, both on a collective level and a personal level.

We are being called on to develop a relationship with our interior life.

Each of us must know how to cultivate connection within ourselves, to know how to anchor into our own grounding current, and allow our source current to inform our entire electrical system so that we can run most effectively, so that we can upgrade when necessary, so that we can show up in our optimal totality.

We have the tools at our access. We must use them. Daily. Hourly at times.

Listen. Heed the call. Your Soul is awaiting your attention…

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