The narrative of intolerance, ignorance and racism in the media, and the perpetuated abuse of indigenous people, innocent children, women, and minorities is becoming too much to bare!

Are you with me?

We are all facing an increased amount of insurmountable pain and pressure, non-sensical acts of violence, hurtful and vengeful language and policy that is rooted in raping, pillaging and the colonization of a mind, body, and spirit.

The abuse is overt and penetrating. Yet it is also done subtly through the numbing of the masses. We are purposely made to be desensitized….

Overstimulated through food, media, medication, sugar, caffeine, mis-education, news-bites, and constant disconnection from our true selves through our learned habits of busy-ness. (We ALL do this…even if we think we don’t!)

I am beyond livid with the state of affairs on the planet and in AmeriKKKa!

I am shaken, stirred and mixed up like a good craft cocktail!

The last 40 days of lip and hip detoxification has been one of the deepest, most painful (inside and out) that I have ever experienced.

This infection began on the 40th day of a #sexualsovereignty healing practice that I was beckoned into by Goddess Isis (and other Guides of mine)…

AND…I have to say that healing, releasing, renewal, and emotional alchemy has new meaning for me. There are no words…but there is an awakening, a clarity, and a sense of purpose that is bursting forth from within me.

I AM Unleashed. I AM Unbound. I AM Uninhibited.

I am opening up three (3) spots for Soul Guidance Coaching for the next 6 months. This will be the last time I offer personal coaching in this private, one-on-one capacity, as I am pivoting my brand and public work away from private coaching into a new sphere of influence.

If you have been or are currently being called to work with me, to allow me to assist you in hearing and heeding the call of your Soul’s work/messages/requirements for next level living and inside/out healing…NOW is the time to reach out to me! TAKE ACTION!

Let’s hop on a phone call and chat. Contact me! This is a chance to illuminate the power that the darkness delivers! Make your desires known and let me be of service to your Soul’s longing! Reach out and let’s talk heart to heart, soul to soul!

So, How do we overcome the external pain and pressure?

Now more than ever it is essential that you have a personal, daily practice that impacts and rewires the nervous system. Little things can go a very long way in grounding you and cleaning the corrosion off of your internal wiring system. If you are reading and watching my work…there are plenty of FREE ways to stay tuned-in, turned-on and connected to your essence of power!

Are you following me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube? If not…WHY NOT!??? ComeOn! Support a sister with your “Like and Subscribe” power! Get the goods…and more importantly…PRACTICE THEM DAILY!

Today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday Breath practice is a simple, yet challenging tool to keep you reaching for youthfulness and health! It will get your glandular/endocrine system rockin’…and lift your spirits! Don’t forget to breath as you press those palms together with conscious intention!

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

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