That infamous state of being that we strive for but rarely achieve.

I am not quite sure if we ever can reeeaaaaaaaalllly achieve it.  Rather we can put our attention on self correcting practices in order to have brief moments of the magical sensation of it.

Inhale. Exhale

Darkness. Light

Masculine. Feminine.

Left. Right

We are here to experience duality and to make friends with it…not to fight it.

Being in the physical dimensional experience requires that we navigate imbalance in order to have new standards for what ‘just right’ can feel like.

So rather than live in our extremes, we can cultivate simple practices that can subtly and sweetly bring our dualistic side of ourselves into integrated harmony.

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday breath practice is a body and breath movement that helps to rewire the brain and bring balance to the mind/body system.

You can always do this exact exercise standing up if you are not in an area that you can lay down.

So get to it! Give yourself a total body workout today…and start to clear the dead weight, the mental fog, the uncertainty and doubt…and start living your fullest expression of the power that lives inside of YOU!

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