I wanted to thank you for showing up for me in the last couple of weeks! I received an outpour of loving prayers, homemade soup, attention, and just plain LOVE this past week. I made you a little video to share my gratitude and to ask you…

What Do You Do When You Are Challenged By Life?

It is heart-wrenching when our instrument, whether it be your hands as a musician, your voice as a singer, your body as a dancer, your mouth as a speaker, or whatever it may be…gets SHUT DOWN!

BAM! That’s a smack down if I ever felt one!

Ha! But the excruciating pain. The anguish. The turmoil of


And it was not just my lips…my whole internal operating system seemed to be malfunctioning….


Perhaps realigning in its functioning capacity.


How we look at ourselves, how we speak to ourselves, how we think about ourselves while in/on our healing journey is quite profound and significant in understanding and relating to how and whether we actually heal.

Just as a computer has to be shut down and rebooted for the new upgraded software to fully integrate into the totality of the system…our bodies need such time for recalibration.

The challenge I find is trusting the process and being patient with ourselves in our process.

Just as I thought I was feeling better…SMACK-A-ROO!….

Nope, said the Universe. Stay still. Listen. See. Experience.

Hmm. okay. We push, we pull, we resist, we over-think, we analyze, we attempt to understand Why, What is this aboutand the mind races on.

When in reality we need to fall. To break wide open. To have no answers. No conclusions. No idea what it all is, so that we can actually hear…actually listen to the sounds of our own silence…or…our own internal noise.

It’s humbling to be humbled. It’s inspiring to see something for the first time through a new set of lenses. To awaken to the hologram of the fragmentation searching for whole-ness of our Soul.

Can you put a pause on all that you think you must do…in order to allow what your Soul is really calling you forth into?

This is not an easy call to heed….but I am learning it is the only necessary call to answer in the still (or commotion) of the night…

We all have stuff we are working on, working through, and working out. Nobody is all light, love, and bliss all the time…we have darkness, pain, mistakes, regrets, hurts, demons, denials, and all sorts of other stuff that we face and wrestle with because of our own unique lived experiences.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you feel good all the time. It doesn’t mean you push through the darkness to get back to the light of blissfulness either. It means facing yourself each day with a truthful ear to what is actually happening in this moment.

Can you get real with your Anger?
Can you get honest about your resentments?
Can you see where you are not being truthful with yourself, about yourself?

Public image and projection is a potent force…and one that will eventually rob you of your power and life force if not integrated with the shadow self. This isn’t easy stuff…but it lightens the load of ions of heaviness that you may not even know that you are carrying…

I want to hear from you!

What do YOU do when Life Challenges You?

Today, I made a video to help you Power your Lymphatic System! The Lymph relates to shifting the mind’s focus to what is essential in life. This week’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday practice is a power move to get the lymph in the arms and chest moving! Enjoy!

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