It’s been a delightfully healing experience to teach classes in my hometown of Phoenix, the valley of the sun, where my father laid the groundwork of the Kundalini Yoga Community since the late 1970’s.

I had the amazing opportunity to have live music by the angelic Sirgun Kaur in one of my classes…as well as I got to live broadcast my Sunday YouTube class from the beautiful Sikh Temple (in my childhood neighborhood) that only recently got completed!

One of my childhood best friends, Guru Dev Kaur, was the head architect of the building and it has an absolutely magical divine essence to it!! You will see it in the background of today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday practice, where I share a simple technique for clearing the webs of worry from the region of the heart center!

Whenever you find yourself upset or bogged down by worrisome thoughts, try this! Enjoy!

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