10 Session Package

$ 1,111.00



If you are just getting started with Kundalini Yoga and are not yet ready for long term coaching, I’d suggest one of my multiple session packages.  I offer 5 or 10 Session Packages that are sure to ignite you from within.

Once purchased, we will schedule your sessions within a 2-3 week period of time.  It is essential that we get your nervous system and glandular system adjusted, and having multiple sessions in one week is the best way to do jump start the body’s primary operating systems for maximum release and adjustment.

Kundalini Yoga Technology offers a powerful release and re-organization of the psyche and sub-conscious mind.  Ongoing guidance and support is suggested after starting this practice, in that the body will release stored trauma, and navigating the release can sometimes be a challenge (and a bit scary on your own).

Feel free to learn more about my VIP Monthly Package for ongoing Spiritual Direction and Guidance.

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