Soul Guidance Coaching 1 Year

$ 40,000.00

An exclusive chance to work directly with GuruNischan on a monthly basis as your Spiritual Director.

Illuminate your way through the darkest of times, the despair, the fogginess, and the over-weight.  This promises to be a truly powerful experience that will get you into your body and rewiring your physiology.  

Isn’t it time to unravel the heaviness of fear, doubt and anxiety? Reach out to me and  let’s begin the rewiring of your cells, into the brightest, sexiest, juiciest version of who you came here to BE!

Drop the baggage and ignite your spark from within!



Soul Guidance Coaching w/ GuruNischan

 Video Call Sessions 2x/month (more at GuruNischan’s discretion)

The Neuro-Emotional System for Health and Achievement (NESHA) techniques as the basis of our work together, we will explore present and past life situations, in order to clear old trauma, wounds, and heaviness imbedded in your subconscious, psyche, cells and muscle tissue. This powerful coaching experience will re-calibrate and re-program your very thought/being, in order to clear whatever is holding you back from the power and potential of who you truly are!
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