Shocked by betrayal.
Shocked by sudden loss of a loved one.
Shocked by natural disasters.
Shocked by senseless killings and attacks.
Shocked by a sudden car accident.
Shocked by unexpected terror.

We are all under a lot of pressure.  Inside. Outside. All around us. Above. Below. Everywhere.

It’s not going to lessen. It’s going to increase steadily on the entire planet, among the entire human race. We are in a transition of major proportions. We are all being called to rise up to the power and strength of our truest Soul capacity.

It is each of our own personal responsibility to alchemize our internal chaos, hurt and trauma, transmuting these experiences and emotions in order to BE powerful agents of change.  This takes work. 

It is also each of our own personal responsibility to become such a powerful force for change, that we are living embodiments of courage, light and peace, and able to stay steady and strong during external events that are rocking our world with disasters left and right.  This takes practice. 

How can we can handle the pressure? How does our big compassionate heart handle the weight of more pain, more loss, more destruction?

The answer lies in your nerve strength. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel the pain, the loss, the hurt, the sorrow, the anger, the upset, the whatever is flowing through you in these moments of tribulation….

It does mean that you are stable and grounded within yourself, plugged into your internal power source, in order to handle the tumultuous uncertainty of the world we live in. Your nervous system is the electrical circuitry that absorbs all sensory experiences in your life. Tending to your nerve strength and clearing your nerve channels regularly is essential to facing today’s challenges without getting overwhelmed by them.

[Today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday video enables the brain to maintain its equilibrium under stress or the weight of a sudden shock. It also balances the base of the left and right brain hemispheres, and helps to keep the nerves from being shattered under strenuous circumstances!


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