Are You an Awakened Human Beings?

Are you feeling a new levels of yourself and the world around you and don’t exactly know what to do with it?

Sensory system awakening is happening all over the planet. Many people don’t know what to call it, but essentially it means that we are awakening to our sensory capacity to feel and experience beyond our five senses. We may not know what to do with this information, but it is coming in non-the-less.

The rate of technological advancement on the planet today, a constantly connected global economic epicenter forcing changes and uncertainty on a massive global scale demands that we give attention to a new dimension of experiencing and explaining the world around us~and within us. We must develop a new sense of inner-world readiness.

The impact of the external pressure and velocity of the world around us is becoming so intense, that

it is essential for each of us, to strengthen our internal systems and increase our capacity to withstand more pressure on all fronts,

in order to keep up with the socio-political times we face (and that are bound to get worse in the decades to come.)

Join me in learning a DeFragging Breath Practice that is sure to ground you solid and expand you beyond the call of duty when necessary.

When you practice this on a regular basis, it can assist you in clearing out static electricity, areas of your life that you feel stagnant, sluggish and slow, and gets you connected with the life force that pumps through your veins.

It’s like taking a bottle brush and scrubbing your internal channels in order to be more alert and clear in all of your communication networks.

This video is only going to be available for FREE for a week or so, before it gets put into my Personal Practice Portal (The TemPPPle). Are you excited about my Personal Practice Portal??!!! So excited to have you on this adventurous journey with me! Wooooooot!!! Let me know what deliciousness you desire from me?

Check out the video and let me know how it works for you!

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday breath practice is a power daily practice to assist with clearing stuck and stagnant energy!

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