1447550708_head-atom_64Illuminate your way from the darkness into the light of your life through powerful classes with GuruNischan. Audio and video courses are available here for download immediately as well as ‘Live’ online courses led by GuruNischan several times per year!

Find Your Inner Guru

This 5 Week online tele-course (with video recordings and pdf attachments) is a powerful fire to light you up from within and rearrange your relationship to yourself. Awaken to the power that lives in you , that breathes in you, that IS you! Intuition is not a gift, it is a birthright. It is already yours. Just learn to Listen.

This Course is for You IF you want to:

  • Feel more Centered in Who you are and your Life Purpose
  • Release anxiety and worry for things you can’t control
  • Have more Vitality and more Energy
  • Make better decisions in your life and relationships
  • Feel more Peace
  • Increase your Confidence
  • Experience Knowing instead of Doubting
  • Release Fears of the Unknown and Uncertain times in your life
  • Be more decisive
  • Increase your productivity in your business/work life
  • Find more work/life balance
  • Sleep Better
  • Feel more joy daily
  • Be present more often
  • Stop pleasing others and start pleasing yourself!

This course is NOT for you IF:

  • You want a microwave solution to “fixing” your life
  • You think misery is inevitable
  • You are NOT willing to invest time and money in yourself
  • You are a “negative-nancy” and think “life happens to you”
  • You are stuck in limited beliefs and want to stay there
  • If you don’t think you have to be an active participant in your own life
  • If you want a quick fix
  • You are a “debbie-downer” and don’t want to change
  • You are not open-minded to experiencing “more of yourself” than you 'think' is possible!
  • You are more concerned with the outside world and catering to it, than your inner world and cultivating time for yourself
  • You think you “know it all” and aren’t willing to learn, stretch and grow
  • You are paralyzed by fear and don’t want to change
  • You think outside circumstances determine how you feel
Price: $ 299.00
Glandular Series

The glands of the body are the primary function for your body's capacity to create internal balance.

This 5 week series is designed to bring awareness of and balance to the glandular system.  We will explore the function of and emotional component related to the various glands in the body including but not limited to: Adrenal glands, Thymus, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pituitary, and the Pineal gland.  We will also discuss the immune system, the metabolism and other health related symptoms of a weak glandular system.


Your body naturally knows how to be in balance! That is the role of the glandular system:  To create inner balance.  All you have to do is create an environment to allow the body to balance itself. Kundalini Yoga is one of the fastest ways to balance the Glandular System!


This course will include: 

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Kriyas for the Glandular System
  • Breath techniques for internal balance
  • Diet and nutritional support for balancing the glands
  • Wellness tools for optimal wellness
  • Tools to release anxiety and worry about your body and your life
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased capacity to deal with pressure and stress
  • Weight loss/thyroid balancing
  • PDF's and other written materials for each class module
Price: $ 299.00 $ 199.00
Life in Your Chakra Series

7 week Class Series Exploring the Energy Centers in Everyday Life!

Chakras are not a mystical, spiritual concept that exist outside of us.  They are real, they impact our bodies, our personalities and they show up in every aspect of our lives from finances, our love life, physical ailments, how we communicate, and how we perceive the world around us.  Chakras are databanks of memory that store every trauma, every memory, every experience, in our physiology, making a tremendous impact our bodies, our minds and our way of operating in the world.  

This 7 week intensive will include an at home “group” meditation on each week’s focal point.  We will navigate the human body and learn the physiological, emotional, mental and psychological aspects of each energy center of the body.This course will demystify the concept of chakras, as well as give you a 'practical guide' to clear old patterns, traumas and ways of operating that are outdated and not serving who you are truly here to be!  Break your habits, rewire your neuro-patterns and dive deep into the depths of your being-ness during this special 7 week journey.  Awaken to the power that you have to navigate your life with conscious awareness

In this course you will learn:

  • How to navigate the human body and your life with conscious awareness related to chakras as they "show up" in our everyday lives
  • How to recognized balanced and imbalanced states of each energy center
  • To identify your triggers and why they exist 
  • To manage your own mental and emotional energy state
  • How to bring yourself into balance at any given moment
  • Kriyas and meditations to assist you for each chakra
  • The psychological, emotional, mental and physiological, aspects of each energy center
  • Historical reasons why we are "the way we are" specific to our lived-experience related to each chakra
  • To let go of the blocks that hold you back from being free, clear and happy

This 7 week intensive will include:

  • Group meditation to start each class for balancing the chakras
  • Specific techniques to help you break unwanted habits & rewire neuro-patterns 
  • Explanation of what emotions, organs, habits and other specific attitudes of thought relate to each chakra
  • Downloadable pdfs of each week's kriya and meditation for each chakra
  • At home meditation practice each week for each chakra
  • Lifetime Access to Video Recordings of each class for future practice


Price: $ 299.00