Bottled up to break down.

It’s easy to get squeezed by life.

Taking it all in, pushing ourselves forward with sheer will power and vision (or at least hope) for our better future. The world outside and around us is chaotic. So much fear permeating the frequencies of every day communication networks.

How do we not pay attention? Are we paying too much attention?

There is horrific tragedy and turmoil across the globe. It is fused into the fabric of airwaves of modern day life. Leeching on our emotional energy, making everything feel dense. Weighing heavy on the electromagnetic frequency that is our chemical and electrical makeup.

We attempt to safe guard ourselves with positive thoughts, and busy lives, absorbed in our technology somewhat pretending that it doesn’t impact ‘us’. But the transmission permeates through our psyche and houses itself in our physiology. We have to move beyond the mind and feel into our bodies in order to move through these tumultuous times. We must anchor into our deepest capacity to clear out old residue, and establish powerful connectivity within ourselves and the simple forces of electricity at work within us.

You can’t light yourself up by constantly shining light, only being positive, and only ‘seeing’ the goodness of the world. We have to be able to see the reality of things. To feel our down times, our scared times, our hurting moments, when despair creeps in, just as much as we feel our ecstatic moments. And to feel any of them, we have to surrender. But honestly, do we really allow ourselves to feel any of these extremes? Often we are set on auto-pilot…buzzing through our life not even really taking notice of our own numbness.

We have to dig deeper and establish solid roots, into the foundations of our very existence as uniques Souls each here on a unique purpose. The more we allow ourselves to feel, the more we open ourselves to experience what life is truly attempting to transmit.


Free from the shackles of our own shame and deep wounded-ness. Freedom from running away from our own dualistic nature.  Examining the dark and light currents within us, our positive and negative wiring, we begin to free ourselves from the complex programming that is saturating our communication channels and cross wiring our circuitry. An electrical circuit is not complete unless both the positive and negative current is active and alive.

We have to know our dark places and our bright spaces in order to really shine bright enough to create lasting impact in this world. So each of us face the daunting task of turning inward to befriend our own darkest places, deepest fears, and residues of shame corroding our capacity to live into our entirety. It is here that we anchor into our truest power to change ourselves, and influence others.

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday practice is a powerful one that includes pumping the stomach while holding the inhaled breath.

While the breath is suspended and you pump the stomach, you can access deep seeded emotions that perhaps have been stored deep inside the memory of your physiological data. Activate emotional release with this powerful daily practice!

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