Tension can creep up on us.

As we buzz through life, the busy-ness of our lives, the dreams unexpressed within us, our deepest desires yet to be manifested, our children’s demands, our boss’s lack of acknowledgement for our efforts, our employees inattentiveness to details, the volatility of the global market, money-worries, a constant command for more and better, and bigger….

Let’s face it…Life can take its toll. We must regularly and consciously clear our own casche and cookies from our personal wiring system in order to increase our sensitivity to what is actually happening within us and around us.

Often times we are reacting to our own reactions…we push, we pull, we fight what is…instead of feeling into the flow of what life is actually offering us in each moment.

What if we could reset ourselves to be more sensitive to opportunities around us?

“Normally there is so much tension in life that we are all numb. We miss opportunities through lack of sensitivity.” Yogi Bhajan

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday practice helps to get rid of tension so you can start really living! Clear the chards of particulate matter that are lodged in your system, and give yourself a healthy reset in 3 minutes today!

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