Oooooh! Is it a time of transformation or whaaaaaat??????

Are you feeling it?


I know I am! Cracking open through my rib cage is an experience of feeling myself, my innocence, my beauty, my longing, my desire, my love, my uninterrupted power for the first time….(at least it seems that way to my conscious mind…Ha!)

Painful beyond measure….look at this picture!…the aftermath of my fascia healing treatment this past Sunday.  I quite literally had my heart/rib cage cracked open!!


After two of the most intense 40 day practices since early December, and a few years of deep level exploration to anchor solidly into MY foundation…not the foundations that I have been programmed to use to protect and project myself…but my actual, soul-level illuminated truth…I am emerging out of the abyss of deep incubation…

…with a song to sing
…with a dance to move to
…with a transmission so clear that I hear what is not being said
…with a connectivity so precise that I feel what is beneath the surface
…with a vibration so elevated that it brings clarity to the surface

It is time…

Time to feel into our power and purpose and live it fully


Crystal clear communication within ourselves is required.
Attention to our bodies, our feelings, our needs, wants, desires, and
let them be known…expressed and most importantly, to be received.

We all have mechanisms that we utilize to deflect the very thing we desire.


Don’t beat yourself up about this. Instead, be compassionate with yourself. Recognize that your armor is a tool of self-preservation. It has been working in your favor for years, possibly ions (on a soul level), and it will not go away just because you have awareness of it, and attention on it.


Awareness and attention is only the beginning….

Love these places and miraculous ways in which you block your own creation and manifestation.

They are tools of good use. Although they may be outdated tools and it may be time to set them down for an updated, high-tech emergence of tools and techniques that your Soul requires for your purpose to be fulfilled.

So give yourself an upgrade today.

Here are four tips for dealing with the internal heaviness and vibrating higher:


1. Bless and love on where you have been, and perhaps where you are right now. Yes, I know it may be disturbing your perfectly formed everyday life…but welcome to Soul-work. It wouldn’t be disrupted if it weren’t ready to be dismantled (on some level).

2. Give up the timelines you have created in your head. Healing is happening, but never on your beginning or end date. Allow it to happen fully, without inserting your will (ego). Stop trying to control the timing of transformation. It just doesn’t work like that.

3. Release the images and ideas of what healing and transformation is supposed to look like and feel like. When we fully allow soul-healing to happen, it never, ever is what we imagine it to be. It requires us to relinquish our mind and surrender to the infinite possibility that is beyond our comprehension. Herein lies the magic. Allow the magic of your cellular network to recode you from the inside out.

4. Stay grounded.  Don’t bypass.  Stop saying, ‘All is well’. ‘All is perfect’. ‘Everything happens for a reason’. YadaYada! Duh! Of course it does! However, that doesn’t discount the downright hurting that happens in the process. It’s really important we stay in our bodies and FEEL whatever emotion is playing out inside of us; rather than zipping out of our bodies into our heads as a means of enlightened consciousness. This doesn’t mean we are playing victim to it. It also doesn’t mean that we have to access forgiveness before we had a chance to feel the raw energy of the emotional body in full expression.

Real soul level clearing is painful because we are clearing outdated ways of operating. If you aren’t attached to these things…I venture to say, you aren’t really in your depths yet. Yes, all is working itself out…do not despair. But also, own the pain. Own the darkness. Own the hurt. The way we release is to FEEL what we have denied, to wrestle with the parts we have hidden for too long, and to FULLY express, what we have been programmed to believe is unacceptable!

It’s not enough to acknowledge it…

As I often say, we can be aware of something for 40 plus years and still hold on to it. We must allow the feelings to emerge through our bodies in full permission to be HERE…so that we can bless them, disarm them, and give them a spot at our feasting table of embodied delight–in both rupture and rapture!

After all, we came into these physical bodies to experience the full range of the human experience…

pain and pleasure; highs and lows; darkness and light; positive and negative; masculine and feminine; yes and no; attraction and repulsion.  Don’t fight duality…own it fully. Love it fully. Embrace it fully.

Live fully Illuminated!

Today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday practice is an energizing breath to support you when you are feeling low, but still have to function throughout your day. Use this breath practice as a way to fire yourself up from within during those moments in your day that you must keep going…

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