Blessing YOU from the European Yoga Festival!

It’s been such a beautiful and bountiful week teaching, playing, chanting, meditating, dancing, learning, loving, laughing and experience the bounty of BEing alive! I have met so many wonderful new friends and students. I have had the chance to learn from new teachers and be stretched beyond my Self into a new and heightened experience of ME in this earthly dimension.

Fasting on a special cleansing diet for a week. Three days of White Tantric Yoga that was excruciatingly painful and powerfully, psychically clearing.

Awakening every morning at 4am to meditate under the stars for 3 hours with thousands of other yogis.

Accessing new portals into our own caliber and capacity, beyond anything we thought was possible.
Teaching to 50 plus students in my class from all over Europe, sharing the importance of owning and loving on our darkest, swampiest places within ourselves in order to experience the vastness of our light.

Yes! It has been a most beautiful and blessed experience here in France this year. If you were there, and I met you, hugged you, taught you and connected with you….Yaaaaay! for US! And thank you for being YOU!

If you are back in the USA and have been missing my classes, be sure to stay tuned in to a group coaching experience and a live workshop in Chicago that is coming soon!

I will also be teaching September 2, 3, and 4th at Sukhava Bodhe just outside of Chicago!….So be sure to get registered and join us under the stars for an amazingly blissful weekend together, celebrating the Joyful Awakening of BEing alive and aware of your Soul on a Journey (even if it is a hard journey…it is so so so meaningful and purposeful)!

As for the Tune-in to YOU Tuesday Broadcast, today I am accompanied by two lovely souls, new friends and students of mine. Join us as we share a lovely breath practice to support you in setting a strong foundation for your day…and grounding yourself into the simple satisfaction of being alive and well in this single, profound moment.

Let’s do today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday video together now!

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