The Temppple

Your Sanctuary for Self-Actualization

The Temppple, aka The Personal Practice Portal is an exclusive membership area that gives you tools, resources, classes, and direct access to GuruNischan as your Teacher.

As the external world around us gets more chaotic, increasing in speed, pressure and demands from every direction, each of us must individually cultivate our innate capacity to face the reality of our life with grounded clarity and elevated consciousness.

“We are designed to handle pressure!  You are made for this!
A daily practice will activate your capacity to meet the pressure of these times.” –  GuruNischan

Listen to GuruNischan speak about growing up in the Kundalini Yoga & Meditation tradition & Why it is critical to handling the increasing pressure of our lives!

Take a Free Class w/ GuruNischan: Beginners Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class w/ GuruNischan
~Basic Spinal Energy Series~

5 Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga and the Power of Emotional Alchemy

‘Tuning-in’ Kundalini Yoga Style
How to begin your Kundalini practice

What Does It Mean to Live Your Truth?
The Meaning of Sat Nam

Why do Kundalini Yogi’s wear white and turbans?

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What Do You Get INSIDE the Temppple?

Full Length Kundalini Classes

Get access to 30+ Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes taught by GuruNischan. These are formal 1.5 hour classes, including a kriya, gong bath and meditation in each class. Every month four new live-broadcasted classes will be added to the Tempple for your practicing pleasure.

Breathing Room

Developing “Inner Space” is the key to clearing the past, connecting deeply with your purpose, and elevating your consciousness beyond the physical dimensions of everyday life. Sometimes, all it takes is a conscious focus on your breath. Join me in the Breathing Room for various short breath practices to change your blood chemistry, and elevate your state of mind.

Short Practices

Sometimes life gets the best of us and we don’t have two hours a day to devote to ourselves (right??!) Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a fast acting remedy to activate and elevate you no matter what amount of time you have available. Get access to various short practices, including 9 minute or less meditations, and other delicious tools you can utilize if you are short on time.

Community Connection Calls

‘The Monthly Plug-in’ is a conference call hosted by GuruNischan around a special theme for each month. On the first of every month join us live to be uplifted, inspired, and energized to live your fully expressed, illuminated Self! All calls will be recorded and added to the membership site for future access.

Raise Your Vibration

Affirmations, audio recordings, and other goodies to keep you vibin’ high, yet grounded into your center of power.

Exclusive VIP Discounts

Membership has its perks! As a Member of the Temppple, you will receive special pricing to live and online events/workshops/classes/courses.

“If you don’t go within, you go without.” – Yogi Bhajan

As a student and teacher of the Yogic arts for over 26 years, I find Guru Nischan’s capacity as a Yoga Teacher to be phenomenal. Her ability to motivate each student to do their best is a good as it gets. Her communication of how to care for our body, mind, and spirit has great Continue Reading

A.J. Castelluccio Author of Guru Ve November 13, 2015