Seething with unexpressed anger. Boiling under the skin with smoldering conversations echoing shallowly as a ringing in the ears.

It takes over the fibrous sheaths of every human fiber, contracting into fear and a deep scarcity of our own self-sovereignty. It suffocates life and tightens every joint if left untended and unexpressed. It disintegrates hope and spins a web tightly gripping the control valve of our emotional center.

When the world around you makes less and less sense, and everything seems to be speeding up, we must learn how to anchor into our center with simple practices that remind us of who we truly are.

Awakened Human Beings

The impact of the external pressure and velocity of the world around us is becoming so intense, that it has become necessary to strengthen our internal systems and increase our capacity to withstand more pressure, in order to keep up with the socio-political times we face.

Today I want to share a Seething Breath Practice. It is so simple but when practiced on a regular basis, or in a specific time of need for an extended period of time, it will help to access your inner control valve and will impact the human nervous system to calibrate pent up energy out of the system.

This video is only going to be available for FREE for a week or so, before it gets put into my Personal Practice Portal (aka The TemPPPle). I’m so excited that you get to join my Personal Practice Portal!!! and join me on this adventurous journey! Wooooooot!!!

Check out the video and let me know how it works for you!

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