The stomach is an organ that holds worry. It churns, turns and festers as our internal system contracts and tightens in a most proficient fashion. It is a safe holding place for the deepest unconscious worries to imbed themselves and take root into our gut, our fibers, our muscle tissue, our cellular network, and our individual psyche, robbing us of the soft surrender that trusting our path and unfoldment allows.

Trust. It is an interesting concept and process. Not one that comes easily for many of us. Deeply encoded are the lived and witnessed experiences of violation and hurt, betrayal and pain. Whether it happened to us, through us, around us, or in our ancestral lineage, there are deeply encoded patterns of un-forgiveness and retaliation swirling our physiological memory fields. They cloud our capacity to see and feel what is actually happening in front of us, to us, with us, for us. They cloud our ability to allow rest, relaxation, receiving and deep level surrender that heals and re-calibrates our entire energy system.

Much of our everyday operating is not our own personality but rather a well crafted ensemble of programming based on our unique lived experiences. As we peel these parts of ourselves away, we discover and connect with our own Soul…and begin to see the many stories of our lives weaved together to create a tapestry called our Identity.

Cutting through the patterns, and the many identities we cling to in order to discover our true selves commands that we rewire and witness ourselves at a new level.

To connect to this new level means we must learn our personal operating system; our motherboard so to speak. We have to be in the pilot seat of our own machinery. Which means that we must learn our motherboard, it’s dials, triggers, knobs, tremble, bass, circuits, outlets, inlets, all of the parts of ourselves and how we are wired. It is only then that we can begin to notice repeat patterns and ways of playing in the world that either regenerate or degenerate us, and then correct them over time. Remember, every way that we operate is first and foremost a self-preservation technique that our body/mind system so eloquently implemented on our behalf. Chipping away at these profound protective preservation methods is a process to say the least.

We can’t go in to fix what we are not yet aware of. Becoming familiar with our own protective mechanisms means that we have to get connected to our inner circuitry. Breath practices like this one fire up the inner system, soothe our organ systems so that we can begin to navigate our inner terrain more efficiently and effectively…and with new eyes to see beyond our limitations of thought and habit.

Today’s Tune-in to YOU Tuesday breath practice is a breath movement combination that is sure to awaken the sensory system and give you an experience of yourself.

It is a powerful practice to soothe and balance the stomach, inner organs and cool the system down from internal heat and exhaustive worrisome thoughts. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

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