I’ve known Guru Nischan Kaur since she was a little girl. She has always been a vivacious and caring soul. She sailed through the Level 1 Kundalini Teachers Training course I taught a few years ago, nailing every in-depth aspect of it with reverence, joy and a commitment to excellence.

It made me very proud to see that this little girl I knew as a baby, had blossomed into an amazing warrior princess. She is a wonderful teacher, and as someone who has been teaching and training for over 40 years, I would feel completely confident to have her teach any population, anywhere in the country.

After all, she grew up with parents who were amazing Kundalini Yoga teachers, so she absorbed a lot from them when she wasn’t even thinking about it. Now, she has made up her mind to pursue her destiny and I believe that all who attend her yoga classes will be happy she came into their lives…… Sat Nam!

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Krishna Kaur November 13, 2015