The Only Way Out is Through!

Have you ever wondered WTF that means anyhow? I mean come on….really? Can’t we just think positive thoughts and be fine?!

Of course we have to go through this stuff.

Although it may be tempting to want to bypass the heavy burdens of dealing with our past trauma.

We may want to pretend that we can move on, go the higher road, use our positive mental attitude to find a better way! 

We may want to jump right to forgiveness and love on everyone, as we are ultimately ‘meant to’ with unconditional love.

But truth be told…sometimes we are just down-right angry.  Denying it hurts.  Denial also eats away at our insides causing amplified internal corrosion.
It seethes through our fibers…it aches our gums, teeth and jaws. It gnaws at our bellies and wreaks havoc on our digestion.

When we don’t own our dark emotions…whether that be anger, resentment, fear, anguish, rage, grief, depression, whatever it is that we are feeling…we are losing parts of ourselves.

It’s like sweeping dirt under the rug as if the rug will never be lifted.

But the rug will ALWAYS get lifted…whether it be by choice, or by force. Every single symptom showing itself in our body is an emotion, an old story trying to share itself.

Are you paying attention or are you pretending it doesn’t matter?

Moving through the darkness of our lives, the stuff we resist, deny, and just plain, try to overcome with an air of positivity…is some of the hardest ‘work’ you will ever do! This is what I like to call Soul-level work.

When you can change the lens in which you see a situation.

When you can change the question you are asking yourself or the Universe.

When you can stand from a different vantage point and inquire with a new set of tools…

This my friends is when you are on to the deep, soul-penetrating work of shadow and light integration.

I will be the first to tell you that it is much, much easier to stay on the surface and ask easier questions. It, for one, is less painful short term. It also will cause a repeated cycle, over and over, of relationship patterns, money patterns, communication patterns that are loops of utter exhaustion. And will ultimately end in despair and sickness of some kind.

Moving through the mucky waters of soul-level unwinding will dismantle your life. It will force you into new depths and rearrange your psyche, your everyday life experience will change, and it will eventually open you to a new and profound level of joy, connectivity, and inner peace…


You go through it….
Not around it.

Not beneath it.

Not dipping in and jumping out of it.
But right on into the thick of it….through the messiness of it all and even more darkness than you could ever imagine.

It’s not enough to say without the darkness there is no light. Yes. This is true.

However are you willing to wade in the darkest parts of you and be in loving, nurturing appreciation of you…stripped away, dismantled and broken…and just BE right there with it ALL?

I am an advocate of this shadow seeking work….because I am a living testimony of the freedom one can feel IF you go there.

Yes a sexier, more radiant body is a result.
Yes, getting younger as you age is a result.
Yes, new levels of ease and magnetism is a result.
All of this and MORE is the result of doing your inner soul-level work…

But before all of that goodness, comes a heaviness of the mind, body and spirit that feels unbearable!

This is what we came into these bodies to do!…To work this heavy, dense, humanly stuff out!!!!

All I can say is…Do it. Live it. Breathe it. Join me in the depths of discovering who you are without chasing the light….

Your power lives in the integration of these parts of yourself.

Not in the denial of them. Not in the overcoming of them. Not in the bypassing of them. But in the co-mingling of all that you wish to caste away.

I will meet you there….

Today’s Tune-in to You Tuesday Breath practice works on rewiring the brain hemispheres so that we are more fully operational from all parts of ourselves, vs. just from our various segments!  It’s a wonderful regular practice! So get to it!

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!

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